No Need to Book - Walk on Services!!

Mayo Weekend Bus Services (Castlebar & Westport) - Route No: GMI02


Our Castlebar to Galway service is back Sunday 11th October. REDUCED TIMETABLE 



Please note our 8pm Castlebar service to Galway will recommence this Sunday from the Courthouse. This service will operate via Ballinrobe & the Neale only.


Students please ensure you know your bag. All baggage carried at owners risk. Healy Bus are NOT responsible for lost /mistaken luggage.



Walk on Service -- No need to book!


Student Special From €10 Each Way.

Students shuttled to all surrounding housing estates. 

Further details call: +353 91 770066 

Galway-Mayo Google Map

Thursday Galway-Castlebar & Westport


Thursday (via Ballinrobe, Ballintubber)

Thursday (Galway)  
 NUIG (Cathedral)  5.00pm
Dun Na Coirbe (Entrance)  5.00pm
GMIT (Entrance )  5.00pm
Ballinfoyle headford rd  (bus stop)  5.15pm
Headford    5.35pm
Neale    5.50pm
Ballinrobe    5.55pm

Partry -



Ballintubber    6.20pm
Ballyheane    6.25pm
Castlebar (Courthouse)  6.30pm
Westport  (Mill street)  6.30pm

Please note all arrival times are approx.

Castlebar-Galway (Thursday)

Thursday (Mayo)  
Castlebar (Courthouse)


Castlebar (GMIT)


Ballyheane   6.50pm
Ballintubber   6.55pm
Partry   7.00pm
Ballinrobe   7.10pm
Neale   7.15pm
Headford   7.30pm
Arrives (Galway)  
Eyre Square   8.00pm

Please note all arrival times are approx.



Galway-Castlebar/Westport (via Ballinrobe, Ballintubber)

Friday (Galway)        
NUIG (Cathedral)  1.00pm ------ 5.00pm  
Dun Na Coirbe (Entrance)  1.00pm ------ 5.00pm  
GMIT (Coach Park)  1.00pm ------ 5.00pm  
Ballinfoyle Headford Rd  (bus stop)  1.15pm  ------  5.15pm  
Headford    1.35pm ------ 5.25pm  
Neale    1.50pm ------ 5.40pm  
Ballinrobe    1.55pm ------ 5.45pm  
Partry-Westport Direct  (Feeder service)  2.05pm ------ 6.05pm  
Ballintubber    2.20pm ------ 6.15pm  
Ballyheane    2.25pm ------ 6.20pm  
Castlebar (Courthouse)  2.30pm ------ 6.25pm  
Westport (Mill St.)  2.30pm ------



Please note all arrival times are approx.

Castlebar-Galway (Friday)

Friday (Mayo)          
Castlebar (Courthouse)    3.00pm        
Castlebar (GMIT Entrance)    3.05pm ------   -----  
Castlebar (Hawthorn Vill)    3:05pm      
Ballyheane      3.10pm      
Ballintubber      3.15pm      
Partry      3.20pm  ------    
Ballinrobe      3.30pm  ------    
Neale      3.35pm  ------    
Headford      3.50pm  ------    
Arrives (Galway)          
Woodquay      4.25pm ------    
Foster St.      4.30pm      

Please note all arrival times are approx.


Galway-Castlebar (via Ballinrobe, Ballintubber)

Sunday (Galway)    
Foster St. (Hyde Bar) 6.00pm  
Headford   6.20pm  
Neale   6.30pm  


Partry   6.55pm  
Ballintubber   7.00pm  
Ballyheane   7.05pm  
Castlebar (Hawthorn) 7.15pm  
Castlebar (Tesco) 7.20pm  
Castlebar (Courhouse) 7.25pm  

Please note all arrival times are approx.

Castlebar-Galway (Sunday)

Sunday (Mayo)          
Castlebar (Courthouse)     ------ 8.00pm  
Ballyheane (Top Shop)     ------ 8.05pm  
Ballintubber (Corrigans)     ------ 8.10pm  
Partry (Village Inn)  



Ballinrobe (Supermacs)     ------ 8.25pm  
Neale (Church)  



Headford  (Monaghans)     ------ 8.40pm  
Arrives (Galway)          
Headford Rd.  (Dun na C)     ------ 9.05pm  
Ballybrit (Cuirt na R)     ------ 9.10pm  
GMIT       ------ 9.15pm  
Eyre Square       ------ 9.20pm  
Woodquay       ------ 9.25pm  
Cathedral       ------ 9.30pm  
Corrib Village       ------ 9.35pm  
Dun Aras       ------ 945pm  


Castlebar-Galway (via Balla & Claremorris) SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID

Sunday (Mayo)  
Castlebar (Courthouse) -----
Balla (Old Woods) -----
Claremorris (D'Alton St) -----
Ballindine (Main Street) -----
Arrives (Galway)  
Court Na Rasai   -----
GMIT   -----
Eyre Square   -----
Cathedral   -----
Corrib Village   -----